1 august 2017
Serving God with a Perfect Heart
August 1, 2017
August 2, 2017

Saved To Serve

2 august 2017


“So you shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you. No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days.”

Exodus 23:25-26

Service in the congregation of God’s people is very beneficial. In our scripture this morning, the Spirit of God lists some of the benefits we derive from serving God. We ought to serve Him so that He will bless our bread and water; that means whatever we eat for sustenance. When our “bread and water” is blessed by God, we enjoy good health. This also means that untimely death will not befall us. When we serve God, miscarriage and barrenness cannot be our portion. “Miscarriage” and “barrenness” do not only apply to giving birth to children. It also applies to your plans, efforts and positive expectations. Thus, disservice to God merely produces a life full of complains and frustrations. Above all, when you serve God, the Lord will surely “fulfill the number of your days.”


Therefore, your service amongst God’s people does not benefit God but yourself. When we serve God, it is entirely to our benefit. There are many departments in which we can serve God: ushering, security, choir, helps, children church, prayer line, partnership with COWOM, evangelism, house-fellowship, hospital and prison ministry, media, follow-up and many others. To which of these do you belong? If you would meditate on this scripture today, you would appreciate the reason to serve God: He blesses your food, heals you from sickness and takes away your diseases and infirmities, and fulfills the number of your days. Be of service to God.


Liberation Thought: Service to God reciprocate the love of God towards us.

Further Reading: 2 Chronicles 30:8


  • By Your redemptive blood, take away any thing that keeps me from serving You. Let me serve and enjoy the benefit of my service to You, dear Lord Jesus.
  • Fire of God consume every power that seek to contaminate my service in Jesus mighty name
  • I receive authority over every power and principalities that poison my mind in Jesus mighty name




  1. Phildah says:

    Amen’-glory To God

  2. hilde says:

    Amen, i will serve my God. By the grace of God

  3. Keturay says:


  4. Densria says:

    Amen, thank you Jesus Christ of Nathareth

  5. Christina says:


  6. Yeside Akinkugbe says:

    May God make abundant grace available to be a profitable servant like Apostle Paul.

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